Each country has its sectors divided into different categories varying from residential sector to commercial sector and from industrial sector to agricultural sector. All of these sectors have shown a visible progress since the invention of latest technologies and discoveries.  These technologies may vary from the introduction of artificial intelligence to the invention of information technology. The work becomes easier for people as soon as they started to give their load to the machineries or we might name them as technologies. These technologies play an integral role in the proper functioning of our industrial and commercial sector as well. There are some such companies or industries which are known for their proficient information technology services and manage all the related work; these companies are known as managed service providers. Other companies, industries or offices hire these managed services providers for the better functioning of their industries. They also provide the services of voice over ip phone systemsIn this article, we will be discussing about the role of managed services in Sydney in the industrial as well as commercial sector. 

Information technology: 

Let us first have a little idea about information technology so to have a preview about the topic which we are going to discuss. Basically, information technology can be defined as the use of computer systems or telecommunication systems for the purpose of data storage, retrieving and processing. Information technology ahs doe wonders when combine with artificial intelligence. Human race have become dependent upon information technology in today’s’ time period; be this dependency direct or indirect. Let us take an instance about the functions of information technology in our industrial and commercial sector in the form of managed services providers. 

The role of managed services providers in industrial and commercial sector: 

In simplest terms; manages services providers can be defined as the company which provides their services of managing all of the technological aspects of another company. These technological aspects involve the information technology services and other related networking services. These services providers play an integral role in industrial and commercial sector in a way that all of the networking systems of particular industry are handled by the managed services providers. 

The role of managed services providers vary from the provision of IT services to the network services and from web hosting to data storage. Apart from that, these providers also look after security and protection of the company which has hired them. Mobile device management, monitoring and management are two other such services that are provided by managed services providers. Our commercial and industrial sectors have become dependent upon these manages services providers because they acne use the technology freely in their working environment without any challenges of tangled wires or poor networking connections. 

Voice over IP phone systems: 

IP enables services are also provided by the managed services providers in the form of VOIP phone systemsThese are the internet protocol telephony that uses different technological ways to transfer voice, fax and other related forms of information. This system lets the person to make voice calls using the internet connection rather than the regular landlines or phones. There is some such voice over ip services which only allow you to talk with another voice over ip services but there are some such ip services as well which allow you to talk to any telephone number varying from local number to international number. 


The introduction of technology has made man’s life easier in so many ways; one such amazing introduction is of information technology. Information technology has played a major part in all spheres of our life including the industrial and commercial sectors. The proper functioning of industries is carried out by the usage of information technology services which are properly handled by the managed services providers. These manages services providers take the full responsibility of provision of IT systems to the company as well as other networking systems. “Cross point technology solutions” are considered as one of the best leading companies of managed services providers. They also provide the service of voice over IP phone systems.

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