Life is about exploring and going to new places. There are a lot of agencies for arranging trips to far off beautiful places. Magnums is a company arranging day trips in Whitsundays These ocean rafting tours with us help you to visit the wild side of the islands, enjoy the beautiful and natural scenery of uninhabited islands full of bird and animal life. Each ocean rafting day trip Whitsundays offers three days trip, and one exhilarating ride, pristine snorkelling reefs, beach, and guides in park and islands of Whitsundays. In ocean rafting, the tour has direct access to the iconic hill inlet and stunning beaches, special snorkel site to elevate your underwater experience. 

These inflatable semirigid vessels allow guests to entertain themselves by our fun ride, education and adventure amongst the breathtaking beauty of Whitsundays. Mostly 28 passengers are allowed for snorkelling lessons and the small group enjoys it to the top of lungs. 


There are Southern lights in both southern and northern ends of Whitehaven beach. You can at least enjoy two relaxing hours on white silica sand, later to join the guided strolling towards the Island and witness the breathtaking views of the Pentecost Island. There are other islands in Border Island and Dumb shell Island with snorkelling. The beach times differentiate between these tours and offers you more snorkelling time. Enjoy your little reserve place in Airlie Beach for a day trip with Sundays. These trips come with perks of Ocean rafting, snorkelling, bushwalk, guided walk, stinger suit, and much more. You can book for this day trip Whitsundays.  All the fee, details and extras are provided. Booking with us means you are looking for adventurous, unforgettable, moments of your life. There will be a snack bar as well. We make sure that our guests may stay maximum on Airlie beach This will give them a chance to explore more enjoy all the prime amenities offered by us. 


Pick up your phone today and book a marvellous tour with us. We will never let you be alone. Instead, all the perks will be offered here. We are always available. Call and book your tours to day tip WhitsundaysAll the credit cards payments gain 1.5% price to reflect prices of the fee charged for debit card transactions. The extra money is credited from your PayPal, debit or credit card for giving you the best experience. We try to offer you a rich experience thus it will give you a chance for that. You can calculate this surcharge. After booking, all the details will be displayed. 

Great Barrier Reef – Overnight Sailing Trip 

The Great Barrier Reef is counted as the true natural wonder and a mustsee for all the visitors of that region. These colourful living reefs were formed millions of years ago and continued to flourish and grow off the coast on the beaches of Whitsundays. Hundred or more several species of fishes, soft and hard coral bloom in the cosy lagoon. 

Discover this Great Barrier Reef Overnight sailing tours on most acclaimed sites. We have two different pontoons on both sites. And you will visit one day and else you can sail through it and witness the underwater creature by semi-submersible, chamber, spacious sundeck site. These colourful beautiful and astonishing marine life will blow your mind and snorkelling will give you an enjoyable moment. Thus, you can dive in and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. 

In Great Barrier Reef overnight sailing tours could be your first experience or you might be the certified diver. We still instruct you so you could enjoy your tour to the fullest and will not miss out a single detail. In the packages of these tour snacks and teas are included. We take care of the services while a wonderful, breathtaking experience might be waiting for you around the corner. This Airlie Beach offers you a chance to witness all sites and places of the beach. We take good care of the menu so you could only enjoy the details. Cruise is here to maximise your experience. 


This trip is one event you can count on to enjoy your fullest. This includes the details intro from the certified diving and in Great Barrier Reef Overnight Sailing Tours will give you a chance to witness the beauty of the underwater world. All the snacks, guided walks, an interactive session for viewing the underwater world, buffet lunch to keep your stomach full. The seasonal menu is always endorsed. 

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