An E-cigarette is an electronic device that produces smoke for inhalingThe working of an electric cigarette is as same as an ordinary cigarette. People use think cigarette to reduce the habit of smokingBut this cigarette is also harmful as an ordinary cigarette has. Most people don’t know the harmful effects of the electric cigarette, but this electric cigarette also causes severe lung damage, respiratory disorders and some kinds of cancer. Electric cigarette contains some kind of flavours called e-liquid; this liquid finds in different flavours.  

What present in an electric cigarette? 

An electric cigarette is an electronic device or battery. This works on the heating of e liquid in Melbourne or vape liquidThis liquid contains aerosol and other toxic chemicals. The user mostly inhales and exhales this liquid to enjoy the toxic liquid. Electric cigarette contains nicotineglycol and propylene. Nicotine is also present in present in an ordinary and regular cigarette. This is harmful to human health.  Some researches reveal that aerosol of e liquid flavour contains metal and other toxic materials. These chemicals can cause cancer, lung disorder and other harmful diseasesAn electric cigar is also harmful as a regular cigarette. 

Electric cigarette contains metal particles: 

Electric cigarette contains lots of harmful things that can cause serious health related issues. Some researches show that electric cigar contains ultrafine particles. These particles are small in size can penetrate in the deep down of the lung. Big particles cannot penetrate in deep down the lungs, but ultrafine particles can go deeper in the lungs.  The flavour of this cigarette can cause serious damage to the lungs. Almost every flavour of this cigar is harmful to the lungs. The other impact of this cigarette is, it contains volatile organic compounds. Some harmful and heavy metals i.e. nickel, tin and lead also found in this vapour liquid This cigarette is harmful to human health and damage organs. These are heavy metals and penetrate the human body for causing cancer and other diseases 

The trend to use of electric cigar: 

From the last five years, the use of electric cigar is dramatically increasedHigher school students are mostly addictive about this cigarette than adults. They think that this cigarette is not as harmful as a regular cigarette isThey enjoy the flavours of electric cigaretteAdults are more mature than high school children; they know this cigarette is more harmful. They also avoid using these kinds of things. But high school students are not mature enough to think about the harmfulness of this cigarette. An electric cigarette is harmful to respiratory organs, cause cancer and other harmful diseases. 

An electric cigarette is unsafe: 

An electric cigar is harmful and unsafe for adults and children Electric cigarette contains nicotine. This chemical is highly toxic to human health. Moreover, some people become addictive of nicotine and at the end, they suffer from any harmful lungs or respiratory disease. Continuous use of electric cigarette is harmful to teenagers and adults. Many people every year die of this addiction. 

Harmful effects of e liquid in the body: 

An electric cigarette is harmful to health. Some serious risks cause by electric cigar are: 

  • E liquid or vape liquid is harmful to human health. Some people fatigue and headache after use of electric cigar.  
  • Continuous use of cigar causes difficulty in co-ordination. It also affects the human brain. Most of the people start shaking when they hold any heavy thing. This is the main problem caused by cigarette. 
  • The electric cigar also causes serious brain damage. Many people lose their memory and also forget the things frequently if they use the cigarette on daily basis.  
  • After using electric cigar people feel nausea and vomiting. Most of the people suffer from nausea issue after using an electric cigar. 
  • The electric cigar also causes an increase in heartbeat. Most people feel that their heart beat or rate of pluses increase as the starts smoking an electric cigarette.  
  • Day to day problem solving become difficult for an electric cigar smoker. People who use this cigar feel difficulty in solving problems. 

Electric cigar causes cancer: 

Many studies reveal that smoking can cause harmful effect on human health. It is a serious health issue. Most of the people become chronic patient of lungs and respiratory related disease. Electric cigar causes lungs cancer, respiratory track cancer and many other harmful diseases of lungs.  

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