Human body is a complicated system that is composed of billions of neurons and bloods vessels. Moreover, our body constitutes of various organ systems which may vary from nervous system to reproductive system and from skeletal system to respiratory system. These systems are then further divided into various body parts. Even if a tiniest body part of our body is in pain, our whole system would be able to feel that pain and would not be able to relax unless that pain gets treated. Similarly, we feel unbearable pain in our bones sometimes, due to various reasons. Different methods are used to treat such pains. One such method of relieving back pain is by the use of pelvic pain cushion. In this article, we will be discussing about the fact that how does a pelvic pain cushion helps in reliving a pain. 

Pelvic region of the human body: 

Human body is composed of about eleven organ systems, one of which is skeletal system. Our skeletal system is made up of two hundred and six bones that are connected to each other by connective tissues known as ligaments. On the other hand, tendons connect bones with muscles of the body. The pelvic region that we are talking about in this article is basically the lower back of our body. It is the part where the spinal cord ends and legs are attached to it. People often confuse pelvic region with the pelvis region but both are two different parts as pelvis is the part of the body which starts from abdomen and ends at the start of the legs whereas pelvic region is the part of skeletal system. 

Various causes of pelvic pain: 

There can be various reasons which cause pain in the pelvic region of the body. One of the most common one happens to women during their menstruation phase. As this condition arises once in every month in ladies so they opt for such cure that does not cause any side effects. There are sometimes when the appendix of a person gets inflamed and causing extreme back pain. Similarly, during pregnancy period women experiences severe back pain and definitely they cannot take a pain killer like they do in their regular routine.  

Pelvic pain relievers: 

There can be various reasons causing pelvic pain but obviously people are more interested in knowing about the solution then the root cause. Most of the people immediately opt for medication, drugs or pain killers but there are some side effects to these medications as well. Even though they are comforting but the excess intake can lead to various disorders. One thing that relives back pain is pelvic pain cushion. 

Pelvic pain cushion: 

Pelvic pain cushion is the kind of a cushion that is made in such a way that the thigh region of both legs are placed on that cushion which provides relieve to a person experiencing pelvic pain. This cushion is made in such a way that it is uplifted from the two sides and there is space in between them. The shape of this cushion resembles exactly to the thigh region of human body. The size of pelvic pain cushion is same as that of any other regular chair. It perfectly fits on the seat of the chair so a person who is experiencing back pain can comfortably sit on that chair. Pelvic pain cushion is most suitable for the people who undergoes through continuous pelvic/ back pain and cannot afford to take pain killers time and again. 


Pelvic region of the body is a part of skeletal system. It begins at the end of spinal cord where both of the thighs are attached to it. Various people experiences severe kind of pelvic pain due to various reasons and every time they cannot afford to take pain killers or any other such medication. So, for such people pelvic pain cushion has been introduced. Pelvic pain cushion is made in such a way that a person can easily rest his thighs on them which relieves his pelvic pain. “Fix bad back” offers the best quality of pelvic pain cushion. 



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